Current status

All systems operational

Past incidents

Scheduled Maintenance Completed

VPS23 & 24 rebooted successfully and all services are working as normal.

Scheduled Reboot for Security Patch

In order to complete the installation of a security patch Hosting servers VPS23 and VPS24 will be rebooted this evening. This will cause all websites and email hosted on these servers to appear offline for a short period of about 3-4 minutes whilst the servers restart all the services.

Incident Report from Yesterday's call issue

Description of outage and impact
At 16:00 on 13th September 2021, CloudTree Communications detected outbound call failures to some mobile numbers. Customers affected would have received the message "Your service has been suspended" when attempting to make an outbound call to these numbers.

Cause & Resolution
Engineers were fully engaged on the incident and aware that the calls only affected some mobile networks and identified these calls routed through one of our outbound carriers. At 16:20 BST Engineers re-routed this traffic through an alternative outbound carrier and calls returned to normal by 16:26 BST.

Root Cause
Upon further investigation from our product and engineering team, it was identified the outbound carrier for these calls erroneously suspended the services due to their Fraud Management and Call Barring being incorrectly enacted which was triggered by a change to their system. The outbound carrier resolved the issue and we have now restored the original routing. We are satisfied all outbound calls are routing successfully.

Prevention of recurrence
Our supplier has since completed a post-incident review where actions have been identified and completed to mitigate a further occurrence. CloudTree apologies for the loss of services and the impact it has had on your business.

SIP trunk outbound calls return to normal

We have identified the fault and we believe the calls are again passing normally.
Please can you re-test and report any issues to

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Sep 13, 16:26 BST

Outbound calling issue

We are receiving reports from customers who are unable to call out and receive the message "Service Suspended".
We are investigating this as a priority and will provide an update at 16:45.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.